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A fan audio drama that tells what happens between the seasons of Angel

hamsterWritten on March 22, 2009

Picture a hamster running on a wheel. Picture that hamster running really fast. Now picture that hamster collapsing by its water bottle, tired, but feeling accomplished.

It’s a day after the auditions for Angel Between the Lines have closed, and I feel like that hamster.

Don’t get me wrong – Buffy Between the Lines has brought me wonderful memories, friends, and opportunities that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise. But, boy, is it a lot of work.

Audition time for me means lots of emailing back and forth between me and Kim, Heidi and Tabz, and lots of staring at spreadsheets and audio files. It means emailing all those who auditioned and laying the foundation for the next step of the audition process: callbacks.

As I’ve said, it is a lot of work. That happens when you work on an international audio drama with hundreds of people. But, as I’ve also said, it’s very rewarding. There’s something so exciting and enjoyable about being at the start of it all: seeing the auditions come in and getting excited that so many people auditioned. It makes me very happy to be involved in the fandom in a project such as this. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

– Larissa


So it’s the dawn after the eve of the night that auditions ended. I’m writing this on March 22nd and I am so excited.

I joined the crew after the auditions for BBTLs Season 2 so I never got to audition for a role. So this has been my first time through the audition process. I don’t envy the work that Kim, Heidi and Larissa have ahead of them to turn all of the audtions into a cast for ABTLs. Plus I can’t wait to find out if I have a role in the new production, and if I don’t then it’s still been fun trying…

As Tabz’s has said if you didn’t get involved this time around then please do so when Firefly Between the Lines kicks off. I was nervous about getting involved when I first contacted the crew having never done anything like this before. I needn’t have been, everyone is so welcoming and helpful, so if you’re not sure what to do then I encourage you to give it a try…

Assistant Producer, Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland

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