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Posted by Tabz On November - 24 - 2009

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jake (with help from Ben Hutchings)

Tue Jun 2 – 2:34 am
Mood: Frustrated
Eating: Nacho cheese Doritos
Drinking: Barq’s
Pete blew off David’s D&D game again. That’s twice in the past month. We all sat around playing Munchkin while I repeatedly called Pete’s cell – leaving a string of voicemails. David took it as a commentary on his Game Mastering abilities, of course. And Bob’s talking about kicking Pete out of the group. Everyone else is very carefully staying out of it. I’ve been “volunteered” to talk to Pete about this – the joys of being his roommate, I guess. No sign of Pete yet, and I gotta get some sleep before work tomorrow…

Tue Jun 2 – 6:23 pm
Mood: Chagrined
Eating: Pepperoni Pizza
Drinking: Mountain Dew
Pete was really apologetic. He got sidetracked by those UFO nuts he’s been hanging out with lately. He called the group up and apologized – even Bob was mollified, so all’s good on that front. I’m just a little worried about his new “friends”. Losing track of time and being a bit late is one thing, but losing an entire night? Weird…

Wed Jun 3 – 9:30 pm
Mood: Mellow
Eating: Crunch ‘n’ Munch
Drinking: Dew
Just catching up on my reading. Ok, so it was RPG books – but that counts, right? ;p

Wed Jun 3 – 11:37 pm
Mood: Annoyed
Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Pete’s WoW clan has been IMing me, he blew off his clan’s Blood Forge raid tonight. I’m guessing it’s the UFO nuts again… He hasn’t been this flaky since he tried dating that barista.

Thu Jun 4 – 6:42 am
Mood: Worried
Eating: Strawberry Pop Tarts
Drinking: Strawberry Quik
Now I’m wigging out. No Pete this morning, and it doesn’t look like he slept here at all last night. Unless he’s dating someone seriously (that I don’t know about), then I don’t know where he could have been… Surely he wouldn’t have been all night with the UFO nuts?

Thu Jun 4 – 6:57 am
Mood: Apprehensive
Noticed a voicemail on the machine and it was from Pete. He was hanging out at the Hollywood Cemetery for some reason last night. He was on his way back – but he obviously never made it. Now I’m really worried. Police won’t do anything, because he hasn’t been missing for 24 hours yet. I’m going to check out the cemetery after work, if he hasn’t surfaced by then.

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