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Character Blog: Remind Me Again Why I’m Doing This?

Posted by Wesley_Rouge_Demon_Hunter On November - 3 - 2009

skitched-20090806-195530(with help from Emma Rawlin)

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Leftover Chinese takeaway does not a balanced breakfast make, but I’m running late this morning so it will have to do. Hoping I’ll have time to pick something up, it’s that or more re-heated beef Chow Mein. I ordered too much, it was Fred’s favourite dish and we’d always run out. I didn’t get it from the usual place encase they recognised my voice and ask how Angel and everyone was (we saved the owners from a Serparvo Demons once.) The Blue Sun restaurant turned out to be a good alternative, though the fortune cookies were some of the strangest I’ve read. (Yes, I was lead to believe that the main function of a blog was to discuss eating habits. It seemed like a good place to start – though that could be the lack of sleep and post-celebratory hangover talking.)

My new team felt like celebrating the completion of our first job and how none of us died and or got chomped on by zombies. The festives turned out well, though I have no illusions that I’ll ever see my security deposite again and one of my bookcases doesn’t look dissimilar from charcoal. I should never have asked Hawkins to replicate the spell he used on Arnold – magical demonstrations and scotch don’t mix figuratively or literally.

Apart, from that I’m satisfied with my new colleagues, and despite not knowing a great deal about one another, we seem to be working well together. I suppose it comes from understanding one another we’ve all lost the people that mattered to us. Maybe there are possible friendships for us to build on, well maybe not Hawkins, he worked at Wolfram and Hart for many years, maybe if he replaces my furniture I’d be willing to reconsider.

I’m also uncertain about Jones allegiances and if they’re still with Justine. I’m certain she is some how involved with Angel and Cordelia’s disappearances, and perhaps the key to finding them will be in finding her first. I doubt I will ever be close to my old people again but I do realise that world needs it’s champions.

Diana’s the one I’m most trusting of her agenda is pretty clear. She’s the one that convinced me to starting writing this blog when I mentioned that I was no longer keep a record of things. I don’t think I’ll go back to keeping my ‘Watcher’s journal’ something I kept writing even after being fired. It became less appealing when I recorded a fake infanticidal prophecy down in it.

I’m enjoying this form of recording my thoughts there’s a vibrancy too it that I’ve found like in Watcher’s journals. I’ve seen old volumes of them, many of them are achieved in the vaults of the Watcher’s headquarters in London. Vaults that could aptly be described as crypt for old thoughts; those that wrote them down no more living than the creatures they sent their Slayers after in the continued kill or be killed struggle. This we were taught nothing of, not of the thousands of dead girls names and expiration dates on yellowed pages. No, that wasn’t our first lesson (or even two hundredth.)

Thankfully all the journals I kept while an active Watcher were destroyed, which didn’t leave the Council too happy with me, shortly before firing me, as the considered them their property. I also had to endure a phone call from my father about failing in my responsibilities. I tried to explain about that they were in Sunnydale high school when it exploded. I felt to embarrassed to mention that I had removed them, along with the rest of Rupert Giles’ library, but that they had been ‘strategically’ placed back in, by one of the Slayer’s friends. Cordelia would never tell me who was behind it.

Then the following year, while working for Angel, his office suffered a similar fate – the office were my diaries were kept. So, maybe the Council are onto a good thing, with keeping them at their main headquarters, it’s unlike to sufferer a same fate as the old office or school.

I really hope this computer doesn’t decide to combust in a ball of fire too (if this blog doesn’t continue then you’ll know why) it had a close call last night.

I think I’ve done enough dwelling on things for today, but sometimes I just can’t help looking backwards, in trying to understand how I’ve gotten where I am.

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