Angel Between the Lines

A fan audio drama that tells what happens between the seasons of Angel

wesleygangEpisode 2 is out and we get to have fun with characters you’ve only heard mentioned by Wesley and only seen for a brief flash – Wesley’s gang.

Peter had a monumental task of giving these characters life. In fact, unlike some of our other episodes, this one is pretty much 100% Peter’s from outline to completion. And he did a great job. In a series of flashbacks we not only see who Wesley’s gang are, but why they are. From Diana Espen (who we met in BBtL S2, Episode 7) to Hawkins (a former Wolfram & Hart lawyer) to Jones (a former member of Holtz’ gang).

When we started Buffy Between the Lines one of the first conversations we had was how we could add more face time to some of our favorite smaller characters – Larry Birdsall being one of the first folks we thought of, along with the Evil Trio and Ethan Rayne. It was part of the whole “between the lines” vibe. Probably some of our strongest episodes from Buffy Between the Lines hardly featured the main cast.

Yet, Fragmented has something special. Probably some of our most obscure roles pulled into the light. But it was fun to hear the end result. I especially loved how out of step the end felt. It was the perfect reminder that Wesley is far from home.

This season we’ll bring some more tiny characters back, including everyone’s favorite floating fish – Betta George and Electro Girl, Gwen Raiden. And those are just two of many we’re bringing back. We hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave which smaller characters should get their day in the sun… unless of course they’re a vampire.

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