Angel Between the Lines

A fan audio drama that tells what happens between the seasons of Angel

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(A snapshot of our “spreadsheet o’doom” – Heidi’s mainly in charge of keeping this all in order).

An assistant producer is a great job to have on Angel Between the Lines. I get to have a part in almost everything. My job starts when the first script is released. I make sure I have down everyone’s roles. The day before the recordings are due, I email everyone to remind them to get their recordings in the next day. The day after the recordings are due, I email the people who haven’t gotten theirs done yet and ask when they’ll have their recordings done. I then proceed to bug them until the recordings are completed. Sometimes this can be a long process.

When the cast and crew see emails from me, I’m pretty sure they go, “Oh, crap!” I send email reminders and make sure everything gets done for recordings, editing, SFX, QC, and writing. I have to keep up with when things are due and what is overdue. If I don’t check for more than a couple days, I get really swamped.

QC has added additional responsibilities for me. Instead of just marking things as finished, I now need to read the QC forms and if there is a problem, let the actor or editor know it needs to be fixed. Next, I follow up and make sure it gets done, and then QC listens again to be sure it’s ready for the next level.

Sometimes, if people are unresponsive to my emails, I pull out the whip or threaten to sick the dragon on them. If that doesn’t work, Tabz has been known to step in, which usually gets a response within minutes. Don’t mess with the Tabz!

For the most part, everyone is really great about letting me know when they can’t complete an assignment or are going to be late. I really enjoy seeing the project come along and keeping it going. I also ask people to volunteer for extra work a lot, and they’re really great about doing it.

I got asked to do this job for season 2 of Buffy Between the Lines, because I told Kim I had no job and a lot of time. Tabz and Kim will fill your schedule if you tell them that. I did get a 200% raise, though I was making nothing before… I’m really glad, because I’ve gotten to know so many great people. I’m in contact with just about everyone on the cast and crew at some point. This is the greatest project to be involved in!

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