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Feature Post: Interview with Glen Bartram (Lorne)

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1. Tell us about your audition experience. Did you plan on auditioning specifically for Lorne, or was the role one of many you tried out for?
I auditioned for EVERYTHING! I have been a big fan of BBtL and just really wanted to get involved somehow. Actually, now that I think of it, I didn’t audition for Gunn. Just didn’t think I’d be able to pull that off. “Know your limits.”
2. Just before the cast was announced, you learned that the originator of the role, Andy Hallett, had passed away. How did you feel when you learned you’d been cast in this role?

WOW! I mean, I wanted the part of Lorne pretty bad, but after he died, and I got the part… just a very bittersweet experience. I started watching Angel pretty late in the series, and was always hoping I’d get to see him find another role after Angel ended. It just goes to show you how important it is to really get out there and LIVE! He was taken from us far too early.
Andy…This is for you man!
3. The role of Lorne is music – heavy. Tell us about your own musical background.
Actually, I have been doing amateur theatre for about 20 years, and most of that has been in musical comedy. I really love performing, and singing in public. Some of my favorite roles have been Nicely-Nicely in Guys and Dolls and The Baker in Into The Woods. I especially love shows by Stephen Sondheim (One of Joss’s faves too.) I am really looking forward to this part, because Lorne has such a distinctive, and “balls-out” vocal style. Can’t wait to make with the singin!!
4. How does it feel to have your own special back up crew of Lornettes?
I haven’t recorded the lines with the Lornettes, but I really can’t wait to get into it. Just hope my real life wife understands. 🙂 

5. What did you to prepare for the audition? For your own lines?

I watched a lot of the Angel Episodes where Lorne sang. Even though the audition called for a song from OMWF or Dr. Horrible, I thought initially about doing a part of Lady Marmalade from the Vegas episode instead just to be different. Then I started to look at the song that Sweet sings in OMWF, and I thought that Lorne would really dig that song and that he’d really be able to sell it. When doing the lines, it takes me a couple of tries at it to “build up” the energy to Lorne’s level. He’s such a great character, and the dry sense of humor he often displays is fun to do. 
6. Have there been any lines/scene that were difficult to act?

Again, we haven’t really gotten to the episodes where Lorne is really featured. But I can’t wait to get the scripts where he first meets with Lee DeMarco. THAT’S a relationship that deserves some background. How they first got in “business” together before everything went south for Lorne. And that gets into what is so great about the Between The Lines projects is you get to have some of those details filled in. (It may not be canon… but who cares?!?)
7. Do you have a favorite moment in Angel the Series involving Lorne? In ABtL?

Oh, geez! Tons of ’em! I think the episodes where Lorne goes back to Pylea are some of his best moments. Imagine acting as a severed head! And I love his commentary on the goings on during the “Spin the Bottle” episode. Funny… and yet… a bit regretful. I think his best moment though was his last in the TV series where he has to kill Lindsey. I mean, he’s a demon… but killing, and betrayal is really not in him. He’s really the one who has to take one for the team, and it shows in his last line, “G’night, folks.”
8. Are there any projects or messages you’d like to share with our audience? 

I currently don’t have anything else in the works. However I increasingly interested in the experiences that audio and video podcasting has to offer, and I am playing around with some concepts (serial comedy, Steampunk), etc. that I might be able to develop into something.
I am also trying to break into screenwriting, and I have a half completed screenplay for a Spike movie that I’m working on. If anyone’s interested in hearing more about one or the other, check out my website ( or email me at

ABtLS1Ep005 – Know When to Hold Them (Part 1)

Posted by Tabz On July - 28 - 2010 4 COMMENTS

by Beth Nelson & Sue O’Donovan
Lorne has a small lounge act in Vegas and things seem to be going fine. Unfortunately, no one told Lorne that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Stickman- Edwyn Tiong
Erin- Cliss
Winners- Andy King, Larissa Myhowych, Lisa T., Sam H., and Liz
Losers- CWorthington, Emmander, Heidi Jenkins, Jkalderash
Older Gentleman- Doug Manning
Lorne- Glen Bartram
Doll- Suzi
Jack- Jay Fleming
Manny- Alex Gilmour
Announcer- Edwyn Tiong
Tommy- Kent LaFavers
Loretta- Christine Peruski
Young Loretta- Christine Peruski
Frank- Rick Castello
Dean- Henry Truong
Peter- Ryan E. Stevenson
Joey- Robin Burdge
Sammy- JDubs
Bruno- Jason Northrop
Carlos- JDubs

“Are You Dead or Are You Undead” – Amy Engelhardt
“Like Me” – Amy Engelhardt
“Grounded” – Amy Engelhardt
Learn more about Amy Engelhardt here: Our buy her CD on iTunes or CD Baby.

“Fly Me to the Moon” – Frank Sinatra
“Embracable You” – Frank Sinatra


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