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Feature Post: Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Posted by Tabz On November - 25 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

hollywoodforeverDeep in the city of Los Angeles lays an idyllic Cemetery that’s final resting place to some of the legends of the entertainment industry. In the shadow of Paramount Studios is Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Founded in 1899, the original location occupied 100 acres, but 40 acres were sold off to Paramount and RKO Studios in 1920.

The cemetery (which started off as Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery) had a rough history. By the end of the 20tth century, the owners had run into financial difficulties and the cemetery became run down. This caused California to stop new internments in the cemetery. In 1989, Tyler Cassity of Forever Enterprises brought the property, renamed it Hollywood Forever, and started restoration. The cemetery is in current use and offers a wide array of services, including a live webcast and LifeStory tributes.

You’ll see the graves of many famous folks at Hollywood Forever Cemetery including John Huston, Peter Lorre, Jayne Mansfield, Johnny Ramone, Cecil B. DeMille, and “Alfalfa” from the Little Rascals. There are also tombs, monuments, headstones and two large indoor mausoleums (one of which you might recognize from the TV show “Charmed”).
Some of the BtL crew got to visit Hollywood Forever recently, and see for ourselves where our episode takes place! Due to its history, Hollywood Forever Cemetery has many ghost stories attached to it, including the story of the Lady in Black, which we “borrowed” for Episode 3.

Heidi poses as the Lady in Black (her character in episode 003)

Heidi poses as the Lady in Black, her character for Episode 003 – The Truth is Out There

In 1926, film star Rudolph Valentino was at the height of his fame. On August 23, 1926 he died from a perforated ulcer (which caused blood poisoning). He was so popular that it’s estimated that a crowd of 100,000 people showed up for his funeral services in New York City. After the service his body was transported to Los Angeles by train and fans lined the tracks to get a glimpse of the train. Once in Los Angeles, some 80,000 people came to the cemetery as his casket was carried into the Cathedral Mausoleum on the grounds of Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Valentino was supposed to get a more elaborate memorial, but complications arose and the Mausoleum became his final resting place.


Liane U. (Fred) poses as poor sick Fred!

The legend of the Lady in Black is said to have begun on the first anniversary of Valentino’s death when a mysterious woman, dressed all in black, visited Valentino’s crypt with red roses and left them there. All without saying a word. She apparently appears every year since then. Not long after the media got word of the story and began writing about “The Lady in Black”.

While the true Lady in Black may not have been ghostly, the legend has sparked many tales of a ghostly lady in black kneeling in front of Valentino’s tomb. Others have reported being alone in the mausoleum and finding roses that suddenly appeared in the previously empty vases that hang from Valentino’s crypt. Others have heard footsteps or feel like they’re being watched.

The Lady in Black captured Nashville songwriters Danny Dill and Marijohn Wikin and, in 1959, they wrote and produced a song called “The Long Black Veil”. First recorded by Lefty Frizzell the song has also been performed by Johnny Cash, The Band, The Dave Matthews band, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and others.

If you’re in Los Angeles, make sure you take the historic walking tour which is lead by historian Karie Bible, who has taken over the Lady in Black’s official duties of leaving a rose on Valentino’s crypt every year.

(photos by Tabz)

Character Blog: Jake’s Blog

Posted by Tabz On November - 24 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

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jake (with help from Ben Hutchings)

Tue Jun 2 – 2:34 am
Mood: Frustrated
Eating: Nacho cheese Doritos
Drinking: Barq’s
Pete blew off David’s D&D game again. That’s twice in the past month. We all sat around playing Munchkin while I repeatedly called Pete’s cell – leaving a string of voicemails. David took it as a commentary on his Game Mastering abilities, of course. And Bob’s talking about kicking Pete out of the group. Everyone else is very carefully staying out of it. I’ve been “volunteered” to talk to Pete about this – the joys of being his roommate, I guess. No sign of Pete yet, and I gotta get some sleep before work tomorrow…

Tue Jun 2 – 6:23 pm
Mood: Chagrined
Eating: Pepperoni Pizza
Drinking: Mountain Dew
Pete was really apologetic. He got sidetracked by those UFO nuts he’s been hanging out with lately. He called the group up and apologized – even Bob was mollified, so all’s good on that front. I’m just a little worried about his new “friends”. Losing track of time and being a bit late is one thing, but losing an entire night? Weird…

Wed Jun 3 – 9:30 pm
Mood: Mellow
Eating: Crunch ‘n’ Munch
Drinking: Dew
Just catching up on my reading. Ok, so it was RPG books – but that counts, right? ;p

Wed Jun 3 – 11:37 pm
Mood: Annoyed
Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Pete’s WoW clan has been IMing me, he blew off his clan’s Blood Forge raid tonight. I’m guessing it’s the UFO nuts again… He hasn’t been this flaky since he tried dating that barista.

Thu Jun 4 – 6:42 am
Mood: Worried
Eating: Strawberry Pop Tarts
Drinking: Strawberry Quik
Now I’m wigging out. No Pete this morning, and it doesn’t look like he slept here at all last night. Unless he’s dating someone seriously (that I don’t know about), then I don’t know where he could have been… Surely he wouldn’t have been all night with the UFO nuts?

Thu Jun 4 – 6:57 am
Mood: Apprehensive
Noticed a voicemail on the machine and it was from Pete. He was hanging out at the Hollywood Cemetery for some reason last night. He was on his way back – but he obviously never made it. Now I’m really worried. Police won’t do anything, because he hasn’t been missing for 24 hours yet. I’m going to check out the cemetery after work, if he hasn’t surfaced by then.

ABtLS1Zombies – Evil Master Plans for Dummies, Chapter 12

Posted by Tabz On November - 22 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

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We’ve found a ripped out chapter of the highly secretive “Evil Master Plans for Dummies” (available only via the Black Market or Evil R Us). We’re releasing it to you all today, but if the Destroyer asks, you didn’t get it from us.

This download is in PDF format and should be easy to read on any computer. If you can’t read it you’ll need a free PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

ABTLS1ExitStrategy – Stories from Wolfram & Hart: Exit Strategy (PDF)

Posted by Tabz On November - 20 - 2009 1 COMMENT

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Exit Strategy
by P.G. Holyfield
Cover Art by Tabitha Grace Smith

This story is in PDF format and should be easy to read on any computer. If you can’t read it you’ll need a free PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

Do you have your own Wolfram & Hart story you’d like added to Angel Between the Lines? Email us at

Feature Post: The World of P.G. Holyfield

Posted by ElderDaniel On November - 19 - 2009 2 COMMENTS

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P.G. Holyfield is the author of one of our original Wolfram & Hart stories, “Exit Strategy”. He’s also the creator of the free serialized podcast novel, “Murder at Avedon Hill“, which is an epic high fantasy murder mystery. And I do mean epic, or as Evo Terra infamously dubbed it, “the podiobook that never ends.” On May 21, 2009 after 42 episodes, “Murder at Avedon Hill” did finally wrap production. Not only was this story epic in scope and scale, but the sheer number of over 45 talented voice actors from many podcasts also lends to this grand tale.

“Murder at Avedon Hill” began its life in 2003 when P.G. started working on a gaming module for BioWare’s Neverwinter Nights, which is a licensed D&D video game. When the module itself did not become a reality, P.G. took the story ideas and non-player characters and created an interactive story that he shared with the Neverwinter Vault fan website. He posted chapters on a bi-weekly basis, about 23 chapters at the time, and ended each chapter with either a question or cliffhanger. He made the story interactive by getting input from the readers, not with a standard polling booth feature, but with a betting system for readers to bet on what would happen next.

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ABtLS1ExitStrategy – Stories From Wolfram & Hart: Exit Strategy by P.G. Holyfield

Posted by Tabz On November - 19 - 2009 3 COMMENTS

Stories from Wolfram & Hart: Exit Strategy

by PG Holyfield – Murder at Avedon Hill

Edited by Tabitha Grace Smith, Kim Butler, Robin Hudson, and Heidi.

From Ocean’s 11 to the Italian Job there’s no lack of criminals in fiction, but Johannes Cordner needs the best. The puzzling twists and turns aren’t just keeping the audience confused. Can the criminals break into Wolfram & Hart’s law offices without getting caught? And what exactly are they stealing….?

Intro Chris from the Jesus Geeks Podcast

Gene Wilburn as Johannes Cordner,
Edwyn Tiong as the Narrator,
Jarrett Kaufman as Rudy Faust,
Henry Truong as Bryan Velna,
Valina Cutler as Einin Reaney,
and Doug Rapson as Holland Manners.

Angel Between the Lines Theme – Beatnik Turtle
Original Music by Austin Wintory

Featured Post: From Audition to Assignment, A Newbie’s Experience

Posted by Gene Wilburn On November - 16 - 2009 2 COMMENTS

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No one was more surprised than me at becoming a voice actor — it’s not something I’d ever considered. What strange set of circumstances could lead a retired 64-year-old IT guy to try voice acting?

The tale begins with Buffy. My wife and I were introduced to Buffy the Vampire Slayer by some younger folk, and we became instant addicts. So much so we we bought the box set of Buffy, then Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible, and Dollhouse.

I also discovered Buffy Between the Lines. Like Spike at Halloween, all I could think was, “This is just … neat!” How on earth, I wondered, did these amazing young people do all this?

In a nutshell: creativity, energy, love of Joss’s work, love of story telling, talent, cooperation, drive, and very hard work. Remarkable people from all over the globe, using the Internet to freely donate their talents and time to create a fan-based audio drama of remarkable quality and freshness.

When I heard that Between the Lines Studios was holding auditions for the upcoming Angel Between the Lines, I thought heck, even auditioning would be fun, so I tried out for General Cast, never expecting to be considered. When an email arrived welcoming me to the cast, I had an Oz moment: “Huh!”

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Notes from the Executive Team: The Assistant Producer’s Job is Never Done

Posted by Heidi On November - 14 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

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(A snapshot of our “spreadsheet o’doom” – Heidi’s mainly in charge of keeping this all in order).

An assistant producer is a great job to have on Angel Between the Lines. I get to have a part in almost everything. My job starts when the first script is released. I make sure I have down everyone’s roles. The day before the recordings are due, I email everyone to remind them to get their recordings in the next day. The day after the recordings are due, I email the people who haven’t gotten theirs done yet and ask when they’ll have their recordings done. I then proceed to bug them until the recordings are completed. Sometimes this can be a long process.

When the cast and crew see emails from me, I’m pretty sure they go, “Oh, crap!” I send email reminders and make sure everything gets done for recordings, editing, SFX, QC, and writing. I have to keep up with when things are due and what is overdue. If I don’t check for more than a couple days, I get really swamped.

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Character Blog: Meannnnnnnnn. Wesleyyyyyyy.

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zombie-gnaws-on-imac_270x405(with help from Tabitha Grace Smith)

Location: Warehouse in Los Angeles
Mood: Hungry










Stillllll hungrrrrrryyyyy.


Notes from the Exec Team – Giving Time to Smaller Characters

Posted by Tabz On November - 7 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

wesleygangEpisode 2 is out and we get to have fun with characters you’ve only heard mentioned by Wesley and only seen for a brief flash – Wesley’s gang.

Peter had a monumental task of giving these characters life. In fact, unlike some of our other episodes, this one is pretty much 100% Peter’s from outline to completion. And he did a great job. In a series of flashbacks we not only see who Wesley’s gang are, but why they are. From Diana Espen (who we met in BBtL S2, Episode 7) to Hawkins (a former Wolfram & Hart lawyer) to Jones (a former member of Holtz’ gang).

When we started Buffy Between the Lines one of the first conversations we had was how we could add more face time to some of our favorite smaller characters – Larry Birdsall being one of the first folks we thought of, along with the Evil Trio and Ethan Rayne. It was part of the whole “between the lines” vibe. Probably some of our strongest episodes from Buffy Between the Lines hardly featured the main cast.

Yet, Fragmented has something special. Probably some of our most obscure roles pulled into the light. But it was fun to hear the end result. I especially loved how out of step the end felt. It was the perfect reminder that Wesley is far from home.

This season we’ll bring some more tiny characters back, including everyone’s favorite floating fish – Betta George and Electro Girl, Gwen Raiden. And those are just two of many we’re bringing back. We hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave which smaller characters should get their day in the sun… unless of course they’re a vampire.


Click on the banner to listen to each episode.

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