Angel Between the Lines

A fan audio drama that tells what happens between the seasons of Angel

ABtLS1Ep005 – Know When to Hold Them (Part 1)

Posted by Tabz On July - 28 - 2010 4 COMMENTS

by Beth Nelson & Sue O’Donovan
Lorne has a small lounge act in Vegas and things seem to be going fine. Unfortunately, no one told Lorne that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Stickman- Edwyn Tiong
Erin- Cliss
Winners- Andy King, Larissa Myhowych, Lisa T., Sam H., and Liz
Losers- CWorthington, Emmander, Heidi Jenkins, Jkalderash
Older Gentleman- Doug Manning
Lorne- Glen Bartram
Doll- Suzi
Jack- Jay Fleming
Manny- Alex Gilmour
Announcer- Edwyn Tiong
Tommy- Kent LaFavers
Loretta- Christine Peruski
Young Loretta- Christine Peruski
Frank- Rick Castello
Dean- Henry Truong
Peter- Ryan E. Stevenson
Joey- Robin Burdge
Sammy- JDubs
Bruno- Jason Northrop
Carlos- JDubs

“Are You Dead or Are You Undead” – Amy Engelhardt
“Like Me” – Amy Engelhardt
“Grounded” – Amy Engelhardt
Learn more about Amy Engelhardt here: Our buy her CD on iTunes or CD Baby.

“Fly Me to the Moon” – Frank Sinatra
“Embracable You” – Frank Sinatra

Angel Between the Lines to Resume at the end of July!

Posted by Tabz On June - 16 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Sorry for the lack of updates, both our executive producers (Kim and Tabz) are currently in graduate school and have been super busy with the end of their classes!

Angel Between the Lines episode #5 will be coming out at the end of July, so keep listening!

Also coming soon is auditions for Firefly Between the Lines.

[April Fool’s!] Calling Twilight Fanfic Authors

Posted by Tabz On April - 1 - 2010 2 COMMENTS

As many of you might have heard from my podcast Strangely Literal, we’re contemplating changing the focus of Between the Lines Studios from Buffy/Angel to Twilight.

If you’re a Twilight fanfic author and would like to apply for the first Season of “Twilight Between the Lines” please email us.

We’ll be sending everyone who emails a full application and requirements for a 2 page sample script.

ABtLS1April – It’ll Never Happen. Period.

Posted by Tabz On April - 1 - 2010 2 COMMENTS

by Tabitha Grace Smith
A normal walk in the rain in Los Angeles leads to some startling revelations about the true nature of a good retcon.

Edited by Tabitha Grace Smith
SFX found by Glen Bartram
Featuring “Finnegan’s Wake” by The Brobdingnagian Bards

Narrator – Edwyn Tiong
Cordelia – Lisa T.
Angel – Clay Robeson
Fred – Liane U.
Gunn – B. Elijah
Wesley – Ryan E Stevenson
Doyle – Mark R.
Spike – Nick Edwards
Joss Whedon – Kevin Guyer
Director – Andrew Ball

ABtLS1 – Missions of Love (Spike Minisode)

Posted by Tabz On March - 21 - 2010 3 COMMENTS

Written by Hugh Hammond

While on a mission to bring back his soul Spike runs into another man on a similar mission.

SPIKE – Nick Edwards
GROO – Jarrett
GARY – Alex Gilmour
INIFICO – Andrew Ball
DRUSILLA – Emma Rawlin
BUFFY – Kim Butler
ANGEL – Clay Robeson
PIERRE – Nathaniel H
JACOB – Rich Rogers
DEMON – Ben H.
VAMPIRE – Kathleen B

Feature Post: The Wonderful World of SFX

Posted by Jen On March - 5 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

sfxWhen I was given the assignment to tell you about the amazing sound affects department here at Angel Between The Lines, there was just one small problem. I had no clue how sound effects even worked!

Well, after a few wonderful interviews, this rookie reporter was set straight.

So, what’s the first step in creating sound effects? Well, it all starts with the scripts. People in the sound effects department read the script, where they are given certain scenes to work on. It is important that they read their scripts very carefully, so as to avoid mishaps such as using the sound effect for a woman’s high heels when a male character is walking.

Then, they go to websites such as Soundsnap or Freesound Project to search for the sounds they need. Sometimes finding just the right sound effect can take quite awhile. For example, finding the sound of twilight can take some time as it is hard to distinguish between night and evening from an audio standpoint.

Often creativity is needed in finding sound effects, as sometimes the desired sound can’t be found. Once the sound of a safe was needed and in this case, a clicking sound, the sound of a door opening, and some creaking was used. The editors then put these sounds together.
On occasion sound effects don’t take long to find at all, even if they are unusual. Once, an episode of Buffy Between The Lines needed eerie flute music and even though the person searching for it thought it would take forever, It only took ten minutes.

Sometimes sound effects can be found somewhere totally unexpected, such as an alligator sound found at the website for the U.S. Wildlife and Fish Fund.

Finding all the sounds needed usually takes one or two hours, or a little longer if you’re just starting out. As you gain more experience, you learn how to phrase your searches and build up a library of clips for reuse, sometimes arranging all necessary conversions, like the ones from pdf to word. After all the sounds are found you also need to create a file detailing the creator of the sound effects, where it was found, the original filename, and the new filename [if it needed to be changed.] After doing all this, the sound clips still have to be uploaded to the FTP site. With two or three scenes an episode to provide sound effects for, this whole process can take up to approximately six hours.

Besides finding sound effects, some members of the sound effects crew are also responsible for making their own sound effects. This is called foley. Foley is often done with a lot of improvisation, such as dragging a folder along your desk to make the sound of a clipboard hitting a counter.

I hope this article has given you a better understanding and appreciation of what the amazing sound effects crew does to bring you the sounds that add so much to your favorite podcasts. I know this reporter will never listen to a podcast the same way again!

ABtLS1 – Comic9: Choices

Posted by Tabz On March - 4 - 2010 1 COMMENT

by Tabz

ABtLS1Ep004 – Script for Geekgasm!

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by Kim Butler & Heidi Jenkins

After a couple months, the hotel and the leftover members of Angel Investigations are cash-strapped. A hero rides in with a quest to help save the gang from their financial woes. Only problem is, this quest might be a bit deadly.

This script is in PDF format and should be easy to read on any computer. If you can’t read it you’ll need a free PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

Character Blog: From the Floor of the SciFi Con!

Posted by Nabbit_RULES On February - 2 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

davidnabbit(with help from Heidi)

Location: San Diego Convention Center

Mood: Jubly Early!

Good day fellow fantasy questers questees questions… seekers!

I have returned from my journey. As you know, I was at a gathering of brilliant minds and talents, known to the lay man as a Science Fiction Convention. I went in costume so as not to give away my true identity, not for fear of ridicule (as that is one of the few places I would not fear that), but because I was on a secret quest to find an actual prop from one of my favorite movies. They had for auction one of the really real life… oooh, I’m so excited I can barely type this… Deloreans used in Back to the Future!!! I knew I had to have it, but my arch-nemesis, we’ll call him Biff (seems appropriate), was determined to outbid me and win the Delorean.

Biff had contacted me before the event to let me know that he would be watching for me and so would his body guards, thus why I donned the costume. Although I probably would have gone in costume anyway. My costume was made by my wonderful cook, Mrs. Lovett. She can really use a sewing machine, that lady. She made me a great costume from the classic 80s cartoon, Thundercats. I was Panthro, complete with big, muscley arms. They made me feel tough. I brought my body guard along as well. Tori was dressed as Cheetarah and I’m not ashamed to say, she was smoking hot!

The Con was great. I got some action figures, comic books, video and computer games, and some awesome t-shirts. When it was time for the auction, Tori and I stayed toward the back. I didn’t want to be too conspicuous. Biff’s goons were pacing on the sidelines, just waiting to see when I would make my move. There were some really terrific items: a cape from Superman III, the Dread Pirate Robert’s mask from The Princess Bride, and a life size model of Jabba the Hut. I almost bid on that last one, but I knew what was coming and had to hold out.

The Delorean came one stage and everyone gasped. I won’t bother you with the boring details of the bidding war. Needless to say, it went for a rather large amount of money. At one point Tori had to step on one of Biff’s body guard’s feet. I may have heard a crack. He didn’t come back for more after that. It was the kind of auction everyone wants to be a part of. The auctioneer was talking a mile a minute. Everyone was really into it. Some people may have bid that didn’t mean to, then were relieved when someone outbid them. In the end, an old man with white hair held out longer than anyone else. Come to think of it, he did look remarkably like Christopher Lloyd. Could it have been? Nah, probably just a costume.

I was a little let down after the auction, but then I met Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca. I got an autograph and talked a little Wookie with him. It was a great way to end an awesome weekend.

In my next entry, I’ll try to tell you about my newest project. I think you’re going to love it.

Until next time, this is David signing off
Live Long and Prosper \//

ABtLS1Ep004 – Geekgasm

Posted by Tabz On February - 1 - 2010 2 COMMENTS

by Kim Butler and Heidi Jenkins

After a couple months, the hotel and the leftover members of Angel Investigations are cash-strapped. A hero rides in with a quest to help save the gang from their financial woes. Only problem is, this quest might be a bit deadly.

Featuring Music by I Fight Dragons!

I Fight Dragons is Chicago’s finest (and quite possibly only) NES-Rock band. They have very detailed delusions of grandeur, most of which include gross misuses of Nintendo products in combination with music in the Popular Rock genre.

Listen for the band members in the first scene! They play David Nabbit’s gaming buddies. If you enjoyed the music in this episode buy the album “Cool is Just a Number” on iTunes for $5.94

Intro: Jane Espenson

David Nabbit – Mark Smith
Bruno – Jason Northrop
Carlos – Joe Wilkicki
Christina – Sabina Giado
Connor – Claus
Dante – Jose I Carradero
Demon – Jimmy Davis
Demon – nekosensi
Demon 1 – Gene Wilburn
Demon 2 – Henry Truong
Demon 3 – Antonio Marchena
Enoch Boone – Brian Brown
Fred – Liane U.
Gunn – Elijah B.
I Fight Dragons – Themselves
Jonas – Andy King
Lilah – P. Bing
Linwood – Logan Zoltan
Lorne – Glen Bartram
Mindy – Crystal
Mrs. Lovett – Barbara Jungbauer
Terrence – Dreux Ferrano Jr.
Timothy – Edwyn Tiong

Power Up – I Fight Dragons
Angel Between the Lines Theme Song – Beatnik Turtle
No One Likes Superman Anymore (LSDJ Gameboy Version) – I Fight Dragons
Luck be a Lady – Frank Loesser (Performed by Glen Bartram)
And Your Bird Can Sing – The Beatles (Performed by I Fight Dragons)
Heads Up, Hearts Down – I Fight Dragons

The Mars Effect

SFX: P. Bing, Rick “Fungible” Castello, Andy King, ElderDaniel, Liz, Glen Bartram, Rose, JoAnna Lynne, and Nuchtchas.

Editors: Robin Hudson, SamVortex, Valina Cutler, Volo, Mandy Khoshnevisan, Siobhan, Crystal, Faith (the Vampire Slayer), Emma Rawlin, Kent LaFavers, Carlene Worthington, Liane U., Kimberly Fortuner, Scott Williamson, Heidi Jenkins, Andy, Lisa T., Mark “the Encaffeinated One” Kilfoil, Kinsey Swartz, jkalderash, Paul Maki, Tabitha Grace Smith, Liane U., Kim Butler, Henry Truong, Doug Manning, Rich Rogers, Alex Gilmour, Brian Brown, Cliss and Edwyn Tiong.

QC: Robin Hudson, Siobhan, Crystal, Emma Rawlin, Valina, Scott Williamson, Lisa T., jkalderash, PwrQuad, Elijah, Claus H., Paul Maki, JoAnna Lynne, Kerstin, Suziqb77, Nuchtchas, Kinsey Swartz, Kim the Comic Book Goddess, Mirielle, LoganZolton, Ryan E Stevenson, Garrett J., Zeke, Heidi Jenkins, Tabitha Grace Smith, and Kim Butler.


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