Angel Between the Lines

A fan audio drama that tells what happens between the seasons of Angel

ABtLS1Ep002 – Fragmented

Posted by Tabz On November - 2 - 2009

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Wesley, rejected from Angel Investigations, finds a new team who, like him, are broken and in need of redemption and purpose. An attack of zombies is always the best way to work out your purpose. Right?

Written by: Peter/userpjx

Intro: Shawna Trpcic (Costume Designer for Firefly, Angel, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse).

Promos: CastleCast.
Stories of Wolfram & Hart.
Murder at Avedon Hill & Tales of the Children.

SFX: P. Bing, Rick Castello, Andy King, ElderDaniel, Rose, JoAnna Lynne, and Nuchtchas.

Editors: Robin Hudson, SamVortex, Valina Cutler, Volo, Mandy Khoshnevisan, Siobhan, Crystal, Faith (the Vampire Slayer), Emma Rawlin, Kent LaFavers, Carlene Worthington, Liane U., Kimberly Fortuner, Scott Williamson Heidi Jenkins, Andy, Lisa T., Mark “the Encaffeinated One” Kilfoil, Kinsey Swartz, jkalderash, Paul Maki, Tabitha Grace Smith, Liane U., Kim Butler, Henry Truong, Doug Manning, Rich Rogers, Alex Gilmour, Brian Brown, Cliss and Edwyn Tiong.

QC: Robin Hudson, Siobhan, Crystal, Emma Rawlin, Valina, Scott Williamson, Lisa T., jkalderash, PwrQuad, Elijah, Claus H., Paul Maki, JoAnna Lynne, Kerstin, Suziqb77, Nuchtchas, Kinsey Swartz, Kim the Comic Book Goddess, Mirielle, LoganZolton, Ryan E Stevenson, PurpleGirl, Garrett J., Zeke, Heidi Jenkins, Tabitha Grace Smith, and Kim Butler.

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abtls1ep002_banner 2
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