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A fan audio drama that tells what happens between the seasons of Angel

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FBtLAuditions2 – Listening on the Cortex

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Auditions for Firefly Between the Lines open tomorrow! Check them out at

Promo written by Nuchtchas

Agent One: Robin Hudson
Agent Two: Jarrett Kaufman
Announcer: Edwyn Tiong

Please Nominate Us at the PodcastAwards!

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The Podcast Awards, which is kind of like the Oscars for podcasting, just opened up for nominations. We’d love if you could nominate Angel Between the Lines for the Entertainment category!

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Thanks so much!
Only one vote per person and do not nominate us for both best produced and people’s choice!

ABtLS1Ep007 – Hide & Seek

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By Ryan Bovay
Wesley’s search for Angel continues, leading him to an “old friend”.

Wesley – Ryan Stevenson
Connor – Claus Holm
Justine – Valina Cutler
Lilah Morgan – Bing
Otto – Jeremy Osborne
Carl (Bartender) – TIm in Houston
Julia – Melia Gleason
Diana – Scarlett M.
Hawkins – Robin Burdge
Mason – Rich Rogers
Wolfram & Hart Commando #1 – Robin Hudson
Wolfram & Hart Commando #2 – Kent LaFavers
Wolfram & Hart Commando #3 – Logan Zoltan
British Vampire – Alex Gilmore
Eric the Vampire – Andy Gavin

Faith the Vampire Slayer, SamVortex, Robyn Laider,, Liane U., CWorthington, Robin Hudson, Valina, Mandy Khoshnevisan, Crystal, Emma Rawlin, Heidi Jenkins, Kent LaFavers, Alex Gilmour, Kim Butler, Paul Maki, Rich Rogers, Doug Manning, John Noble, Jose C., and Edwyn Tiong.

SFX Finders
Liz, Rick Castello, Deb Bartram, Glen Bartram, Suzi, Dan, Andy King, and JoAnna Lynne.

QC Team
Volo, Kerstin, Heidi Jenkins, Melissa A. Bartell, Scott W., Garrett J., Faith the Vampire Slayer, Siobhan, JoAnna Lynne, Kinsey Swartz, Susie the Southern Geek, Charlie, Jkalderash, Emma Rawlin, PwrQuad, Tabitha Grace Smith, Kim Butler, and Ryan .E. Stevenson.


Click on the banner to listen to each episode.

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