Angel Between the Lines

A fan audio drama that tells what happens between the seasons of Angel

ABtLS1Ep009 – In Harmony

Posted by Tabz On May - 29 - 2011

by Emma Rawlin & Kim Butler

Harmony’s opportunity to interview with MTV is just the burst of spotlight she’s been working for, so who cares if she stretches the truth a little?

Amsel – Henry
Angel – Clay
Arknesh – Kent
Brendan – Robin Burdge
Clint – John P
Craig – Ernie
Danielson – Doug Manning
Ed – Rich Rogers
Enoch Boone – Brian Brown
Fake Fran – Andy King
Felipe – Jose
Felix Hamond – Jarrett
Fran – Dan Shaurette
Fred – Lianne
Greg – Andrew Ball
Harmony Kendall – Liz
Helen – Barbara Jungbauer
Izzerial – Jon
Jenn Wyant – Melissa B
Kelly – Laura E-D
Knox – Arlo
Lambert – Jancis
Lilah – Bing
Linwood – Logan Zoltan
Mob – Carlene Worthington
Mob – Kevin Bachelder
Mob – Laura Van Fleteren
Mob – Levi Rieken
Mob – Michelle Fraser
Marcus – Paul Maki
Melanie – Suzi
Molly – Faith
Ms. Powers – Mandy
Random Secretary – Heidi
Rs_Anncr – Edwyn
Sara – Christine Peruski
Sebassis – Joe Wilkicki
Tamika – Melia
Tom Cruise – Brian Brown
Tracey – KimiDreams
Trell – Andy Gavin
Vail – Gene W.
Violet – Valina

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